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Let We Go Green
1. Fifty shades of green from paddy fields to forests
2. Not too hot in the dry zone, not too cold in the mountains
3. Promotes sustainable tourism and helps communities earn a stable, year-round live able income
4. More hours of daylight to go sightseeing in a day as the sun rises early and sets in later
5. No dust!
6. Stunning, verdant landscapes
7. Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at their best
8. Low tourist season means less to zero queue and lower chance of other tourists photo-bombing your selfie!
9. Wider selections of available hotels and room types
10. Attractive promotions and excellent value for money
Our Mission It is our mission to grow Green Season Travel to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Myanmar and Asia. We’re the champion insiders of Myanmar and your best travel partner to bring all your esteemed customers to see the best.
Our Vision Our vision of “Presenting you the real Myanmar” encompasses the company’s collective inspiration, outlook, and culture. We have a Code of Conduct to define the principles of our Core Values and to provide a base for our corporate culture.
We Recycle Green Season Travel recycles as much as possible and measures the output of waste at our offices. We measure so to set attainable annual goals to reduce waste and ensure that we comply with waste legislation in all the countries we operate in. So Green Season Travel goes green.
General Information About Myanmar MYANMAR is known as the golden land, Myanmar is a paradise to discover a rich diversity of cultures, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand this culturally blessed land has equally awe-inspiring landscapes to appeal to every taste. Read More
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We have many tour packages right for you
The below tour packages were designed by Green Season Travel. You may request everything for your trip. We serve kindly and warmly. 
fantastic hpa ann img

Hpa-An trip

$ 295 USD/Person
Close to nature and culture
Enjoy stunning landscapes, lime stone hills and pleasant cave
Tasting Kayin’s foods
Soft adventures
longneck ladies img

Longneck Ladies and legendary 7 lakes adventure

$ 330 USD/Person
Nature and culture
Scenic ride
Meeting tribal people
Tasting local foods
hsipaw img

Trekking adventure to Hsipaw

$ 260 USD/Person
Popular trekking spot
Mountains and beautiful sceneries
Meeting locals and eating local foods
Visiting villages

mrauku img


$ 680 USD/Person
History, rich culture and temples
Biking or land transport and boat trip
Seeing tattooed face Chin Ladies
Off the beaten tracks


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golden rock

Golden Rock

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Mergui Islands

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Chaung Thar

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“This is really a great trip and the foods are very delicious. Everyone in our group is happy and we just need for afternoon program what to do at the elephant camp. Coffee break would be nice if add on during the day time at the camp. Overall this is very successful trip and thank you for everything you did for us.”
Wailee Kui
Adventure Experience
"Cycling the Dhamazedi Trail with Jack was a fantastic day out. From picking us up in the morning to dropping us back in the city in the evening, Jack was a bundle of enthusiasm and professionalism. The bicycles we used were of top-quality, and the route was as picturesque and manageable as promised. Jack’s knowledge of the area and good relations with the locals meant that we never felt like we were imposing, but instead were warmly welcomed into teashops, workshops and homes with good cheer. Lunch with Jack’s mother and sister was exquisite: the food was excellent and their hospitality enchanting! For anyone wanting to escape the bustle of Yangon, I cannot recommend this trail highly enough!"
Bertie Lawson
Sampan Travel
"The bike tour is well organized. A new activity was identified (compared to 2015): a hand loom business. This adds to the opportunity for customers to spend additional money. Opportunities for this tour to benefit to the poor include the handloom business, the jam factory, the juice makers and snack sellers near the pagoda, the bronze lighters craftsman and the vendors in the village near the place where customers take the motorbike. Customers have an opportunity to donate pens and note books to the local school. Customers are not permitted to disturb the class or take photos. The tour can organize interaction session during which tourist interact with students to learn more about Myanmar while the latter can learn more the country of origin of the customers. Jack regularly provide English lessons to the students."
Sebastien Moineau
BIF Burma (Myanmar) Country Manager