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Hpa Ann

This state is situated at the Southern Eastern part of Myanmar. There are not only many pagodas and caves to visit but also the mountains like Zwekabin Mountain, etc, to trek. Besides, various Kayin races can be seen in the hidden villages and you can take part yourself in the Kayin N ew Year Festival happily. Kayin “Don” dance is very popular, as it’s a very lively and joyful dance. Therefore, Kayin State is one of the appropriate regions for nature lovers, trekking and culture. Hpa – An is the capital of Kayin State and the principal crops cultivated are paddy, peanut, sesames, tobacco, betel nut, sugarcane, and rubber. Its natural resources include iron, lead, copper, tin and tungsten. Pinkado and a variety of other woods are valuable produce of the area. The picturesque capital is set amid broad lakes, lush islands, soaring limestone crags, and mountain ranges receding in to the distance.