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Founded in 1857, the last capital of the Burmese kingdom of an era gone by, today ranks as the second major city of Myanmar, is the cultural centre and seat of Buddhism, rich in monuments, pagodas and palaces with a flourishing handicraft industry. In this holy city, reputedly prophesized and built by the Buddha Gautama is the most famous pagoda, the Mahamuni followed by the Kuthodaw padoda which holds the 729 stone tabloids of the Tipitaka, and the Shwenandaw temple, wherein is preserved the unique Burmese art with magnificient Jataka scenes engraved on panels of teakwood. A variety of other attractions are puppet shows, traditional dances and visits to the local handicraft centre where bamboo paper and gold leaves are made. It is also a centre for silk and cotton weaving, marble stone carving, bronze and silver crafts and tapestry making.