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The best way to truly appreciate Bagan is from the hot-air-balloon. This is one of the main highlights and a spectacular moment when visiting Bagan, no holiday to Myanmar would be complete without Bagan. Every day is different when it comes to ballooning. The winds change daily and the weather is affected by the seasons. The sun rises later in December than in October or March. A spectacular hot air balloon ride over the temple zone in Bagan will be the most precious and memorable moment during your holidays to Myanmar.


Mandalay is the capital of Upper Myanmar, and considered to be the centre of Burmese culture. Its universities are amongst the best in Myanmar and the city is a vital trade and social hub. With a population of over 1 million, it is a vibrant, exciting, busy place to spend some time.Founded over 155 years ago by King Mindon, the city has the remains of the old Palace at its centre, surrounded by an extensive moat and city wall. The Irrawaddy river flows to the west of town whilst the mountains of the famous British hill-station Maymyo/Pyin Oo Lwin frame the city to the East.
There is no better way to see Mandalay, than flying with Oriental Ballooning! You will discover hidden sights and treasures of this historic area which can only be seen from the elegant luxury of a balloon basket. Our carefully selected launch sites offer a variety of intriguing views of the city and its temples and people. Northwards, Mandalay Hill towers over the city, to the west flows the wide Irrawaddy with its frenetic river traffic and to the south, the U Bein Bridge appears eerily out of the morning mist.

Inle Lake & Pindaya

Shan state is one of Myanmyar’s most beautiful and culturally diverse areas. Our exclusive balloon ride takes you to the most stunning sites of Inle Lake and Pindaya in a style and manner reminiscent of the great days of luxury travel. Site seeing by balloon is a truly remarkable experience, allowing you to venture off the beaten path and gain a unique perspective of the country and its people.

Inle Lake

Shan State’s famed Inle Lake is home to the Inthar people, who live on and around the lake. To fly over the lake in a balloon, has to be one of the most beautiful ways to see this wonder. Our skilled pilots carefully use their knowledge of the winds to steer the balloon over the floating villages and water gardens. You will see the morning fishermen looking for the first catch of the day, and boats laden full of produce on their way to the market by the immense labyrinth of canals. At higher altitude, you will be amazed to see thousands of village houses seemingly floating on the lake.


Reminiscent of the rolling hills of Tuscany, Pindaya is set against some of the highest Shan Mountains and is a delight to see from the air. We will fly along the mountain valley, passing tiny Shan hamlets and hill top pagodas occasionally swooping down to the delight of villagers who have never seen a hot air balloon before. We fly at a time when the fields are awash with colour, with swathes of green and yellow against brilliant blue skies.


Ngapali offers a genuinely new and unique ballooning experience. For the first time in Asia your balloon flight will allow you views to the unspoiled coastline of the Bay of Bengal drifting gently over untouched jungles and hills. With its incredible natural diversity this location offers amazing glimpses of bustling markets with friendly villagers, golden temples and pagodas and the graceful Kissapanadi river which meanders through the old colonial town of Thandwe. Bird watchers will have a good chance of spotting some rare and exotic birds as the balloon drifts low at tree top level over pristine jungle but likewise you will astounded as you rise high above the hills and see the coastline of Ngapali bay with its fishermen and sandy beaches. Ngapali offers a truly exclusive and unusual experience. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!

Mrauk U

The abandoned city and hundreds of temples and pagodas at Mrauk U lie across rolling northern Rakhine State hilltops and form an awe-inspiring sight, whilst providing an experience quite unlike anything else in Myanmar. Oriental Ballooning company is planning to operate a balloon ride in ancient Yakhine’s city. This place is located the westernmost part of Myanmar and the temples and Buddha statues here are different from Bagan era temples. Truly off the beaten track and it’s nice to try 3-4 days exploration to Mrauk U.