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Green Season Travel offers complete services and loves to create a tailor-made package for you to discover Myanmar. This can be from very luxury with fully private guided tours around the country till basic packages with just accommodation, a few excursions and bus tickets arranged for you. We always want to make sure you see the best of the country and show you a bit away off the beaten tracks (also when visiting the highlights) and avoid the tourist traps.

We normally organize tailor-made tour proposals that includes main attractions (cultural and historical sites) and combine them with some off the beaten track excursions, whilst at the same time, having meaningful interactive experiences with the local community. Hope that can cover all your wishes that you want to do in Myanmar.

Green Season Travel prides itself in authentic connections, adaptability, and innovation and offers intimate, personalized travel experiences. Green Season Travel caters to any desire at any budget, from family travel, regional highlights, community-based tours, adventure, discovery excursions and everything in between. Our clients are those who seek a genuine connection with the country and its wonderfully down to the earth people; those who appreciate beautiful, unspoilt and unique landscapes of off the beaten tracks in Myanmar.