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Myanmar cuisine represents Rakhaine, Shan, Myanmar and Indian Chinese influences. The Main meal of Myanmar is ‘Rice’ eaten with curry dishes commonly are fish, chicken, prawns and salad and vegetable. Famous food in Myanmar such as Mote-hin-gar (Rice noodles served with fish gravy and onion soup) and Ohn-noh-khauk-swe (noodles served with chicken, coconut milk and onion slices) are the most popular in Myanmar.
Green Season Travel always try to present Burmese foods during our sightseeing and we understand our clients like to taste local foods while they are travelling. Besides, Burmese foods are good and impressive after they try. Interactions with people here and having the foods will be a perfect way of visit to the place!
Top Burmese foods you shouldn’t miss to try are Laphat Thohk (Burmese tea leaf salad) Mote-hin-gar, Ohn-noh-khauk-swe, Shan Noodles, Steamed rice, sweet tea sipping at local tea shop, and meat and curry at local restaurants. Our full day tours include lunch and let our clients to experience a true life of Myanmar and them always remember for their visit.