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Day 1: Yangon Arrival

Myanmar Yangon Shwedagon in the evening AKT

Arrival in Yangon, meet our guide and car at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

 Yangon colonial down town walk, half day

 Yangon downtown is unique with its vibrant and colourful streets, hectic open-air markets, some of the friendliest urbanites and much of its colonial-era architecture still standing. You find one of Asia’s most impressive collections of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century buildings. All these buildings are almost unique for today’s world. Your guide will walk you through the back streets in slow pace and explain you the history of each building. As well as seeing hidden markets, sidewalks shops, some art galleries, old books selling shops and ways of life of the people on the vibrant streets or sitting at local tea house. This walk along the streets of Yangon will at least architecturally take you a step back in time. Tour ends with sipping tea or having lime juice as one local restaurant. Lunch is included.

Evening Shwedagon &China Town visit – 3 hours tour

Afternoon we’ll visit to the awe-inspiring Shwedagon Pagoda, and other religious buildings under the light and seeing ways of life of the pilgrims at the pagoda. Temperature is quite pleasant and evening breeze makes you feel awesome and your guide will explain you the great history of Shwedagon. After the pagoda visit, continue visit China town (famous as 19th Street in Yangon) a walk over the night market in downtown, have snacks and drinks at the shops sitting together with local people.

Overnight at Sule Shangri-La Hotel, Superior


Day 2: Yangon (B, L)

Breakfast is at local restaurant.

Yangon, exotic morning tour!

Early birds get more worms!!! Very quiet and not too much traffic of the big city when we start early morning tour. See what’s happening in the streets of Yangon when most people are still sleeping.  An early wake-up call is planned at 5:30 am and the guide is expecting you in the hotel lobby at 6:00 am to start with a visit to the fish market just close by Yangon River along the Strand Road. Fishermen boats are there to discharge of the fishes they caught in the night and the whole market is lively and moving fish boxes here and there. It’s truly exotic scenes and we will learn hardworking jobs by these workers. Continue visit to a vegetable market which is running 24 hours a day.  Our guide will buy 2-3 types of fresh fruits to try. Great opportunity is to have photos of the monks walking through the streets of Yangon to collect their alms.  Guide will explain how to donate foods and interact with the monks. A bowl of cooked noodle and chicken soup for breakfast is ready at the end. Enjoy, one of the best breakfast for Yangonites.

You may go back to the hotel for full western breakfast if wanted, around 09:00 am or so.

Later, we’ll pick up from the hotel again and continue visit in Yangon to more hidden places like Chuakhtatgyi Reclining Buddha, Kandawgyi Lake and Yangon River front. Lunch is included at the local restaurant.

Enjoy sunset at Yangon River front and afterward heading back to the hotel.

Overnight at Sule Shangri-La Hotel, Superior


Day 3: Yangon – Golden Rock (B, L)

 Breakfast at the hotel.

Pick-up hotel in Yangon and drive to Bago (84 km – 1,5 hours). En route visit an Allied War Graves cemetery near Htauk Kyant. Morning market in Hlegu can be visited if you haven’t seen yet in Yangon, the nature of hectic open-air market. Arrival Bago we can visit to Kyakhatwine monastery where hundreds of monks are studying Buddha teaching, and by the time we get there is around monks going out for alms giving, and you can offer some fruits or can help taking rice from the steel pot and offering to monks.

After 2 hours driver from Bago, we’ll arrive to Kyaikhto and the base camp where to take an open truck (45-mins up hill) to Golden Rock.  Main luggage can be kept at the hotel if you’re staying at the hotel near base camp or in the car. Only take a back pack to take all your personal belongings and important things such as cash, passports and etc.

Golden Rock (Kayiktiyo) is one the most important pilgrimage sites for Myanmar Buddhist and maybe one of the strangest sites (miracle) for foreign visitors. A rock (gold gilded) with a small stupa (15th feet) built on top of it, is balancing on the edge of a mountain and looks as if it could tumble down into the ravine below at any moment. Buddhist believe due to some hairs of Buddha brought by a holy hermit enshrined into that hermit’s head shape rock prevent the rock from falling.  People who want to get a hiking can do there and the site can be reached after a short walk (1.5 hours from Hermit Hill base camp or a long walk (about 6-7 hours from the first base camp. Surrounding the Golden Rock are many local souvenirs shops, pagoda accessories selling shops and shops selling Burmese traditional medicinal products made off indigenous animals found by the hunters living in the jungle in this region.

We can watch sunset at Golden Rock and at the end back to the hotel.

Overnight at Mountain Top, Deluxe


Day 4: Golden Rock – Hpa-An (B, L)


Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning take a down hill truck to go down to Kimpun Base Camp to meet your car driver and continue to Hpa-An.

Hpa – An is the capital of Kayin State and the principal crops cultivated are paddy, peanut, sesames, tobacco, betel nut, sugarcane, and rubber. Its natural resources include iron, lead, copper, tin and tungsten. Pinkado and a variety of other woods are valuable produce of the area. The picturesque capital is set amid broad lakes, lush islands, soaring limestone crags, and mountain ranges receding in to the distance.

Kawgun Cave is located at the entrance of Hpa-An when we’re coming from Yangon. Our trip to Hpa-An starts from this cave to appreciate the 7th century artworks consists of thousands of tiny clay Buddhas and plaster carving all over the walls and roofs of this open cavern at this place. Afterward we’ll continue to Kaw-Ka-Thawng Cave for Kayin’s home cooked lunch.

Kayin foods:

We’ll serve Kayin style foods for lunch. Fish, Kayin Talabaw Soup, papaya salad and some other items. We’ll make sure you’ll have enough foods.

 A beautiful Kayak tour & walking to hidden Kayin village

DSC 0046

Quiet village located in Kawt-Ka-Mate is accessible by land and water. A few hundred houses and lovely Kayin people are living in the middle of thick jungle, it is a very peaceful village and nice walking tour after we stop a kayaking trip. Hardly visited by tourists. Their main income is coming from farming, growing paddy, bamboo and timbers cutting and some fishing. We can also learn the culture, beliefs and see beautiful Kayin’s houses. Kayak tour through tranquil creek will offer you a picturesque scene of Hpa-An, return to Kaw Ka Thawng Cave by Kayak.

 Swimming at Kaw Ka Thawng Cave:

Kaw Ka Thawng Cave – More popular among locals than travelers, this area consists of three caves. Only two of which are generally opened to the public. Located about 7th miles away from Hpa An, just before Eindu village, a popular local spot for swimming. The water is coming out from the cave, crystal clear and cool.

Overnight at Hpa-An Lodge, Kayin Cottage


Day 5: Hpa-An (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

 Biking through Hpa-An, full day

 Biking through Hpa-An

We can discover today the untouched surrounding area of Hpa-An, and feel unforgettable memories with Kayin people. Start your adventure to the biggest Saddan cave. It’s about 17 miles from Hpa-An on the way to Eindu. This huge cave is simply breathtaking and one of the best highlights to visit while you’re in Hpa-An. We can see beautiful Buddha statues and images inside the cave. At the exit of the cave, can take a pleasant boat ride in small lake which is going to in front of the cave. Continue ride around Kyauk Ka Latt Pagoda located 5 km south of Hpa-An,  Zwekabin Mountain; the landmark of Hpa-An and evening can visit Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda and enjoy the sunset there. Hpa-An is truly a perfect place to explore by bikes and quite suitable for those interested in soft adventures, stunning landscapes and interested to see real countryside of Myanmar.

Your experienced biking guide will give you a routing and safety briefing at the beginning. Distance is around 17-20 miles. Road: 50 % paved on motorway roads, 50% village countryside road unpaved.

NOTE: Wears are light t-shirts, short or quarter pants. Shoulders, upper arms and above knees must be covered when entering the pagodas. Only 5 bikes available right now.

Overnight at Hpa-An Lodge Hotel, Kayin Cottage


Day 6: Hpa-An-Mawlamyine (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.


Morning drive to Mawlamyine, en route enjoy the scenic ride and the real countryside of Myanmar.

Mawlamyine is the capital of Mon State and the third largest city of Myanmar after Yangon and Mandalay. It is situated at the mouth of the “Than Lwin River”, 171 km south east of Yangon. It’s extremely beautiful and famous for its tropical fruit such as durians, mangoes, rambutans, mangosteens, and pomelos. There are many tourists’ destinations in its vicinity. It’s accessible by road and rail from Yangon.

Sightseeing will include are Mon cultural museum which has some interesting displays, Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, Uzena Pagoda, Seindon Mibaya Kyaung, where King Mindon’s queen sought refuge and the Zeygyi Market and the strand road is a pleasant place to stroll with beautiful colonial buildings facing the river.

End of the day check in to the hotel.

Overnight at Royal Hin Thar Hotel, Deluxe


Day 7: Mawlamyine – Thanbyuzayat- Wae-Ka-Wah Mon village trekking (Meals: B, L, D)

Breakfast at the hotel.

 We’re always passionate to share authentic travel experiences in Myanmar.  Trekking in Mon villages is truly a new product in Myanmar! We can assure this trekking is truly untouched by both locals and foreign visitors. During this authentic trekking tour, we can expect how Mon houses are built, learning Mon culture, people life in origin at the villages, rubber plantation and at the same time we’ll discover Mawlamyine and trekking through untouched trails and WWII Japanese caves. Truly exciting and suited for the adventurer travelers and great actions packed tours. We’ll also see Second World War battle fields, the ruined of Japanese Prisoner of war camp, the notorious Death Railway and the museum, Thanbuzayat Allied War Cemetery and over 2000 years old ancient Mon City named WAGARU, Natural Hot Spring Resort and Setse Beach.

 The Mon are an ethnic group from Myanmar (Burma) living mostly in Mon State, the Bagan Region and the Irrawaddy Delta and along the southern border of Thailand and Burma. One of the earliest peoples to reside in Southeast Asia, the Mon were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism in Indochina. The Mon were a major source of influence on the culture of Burma. They speak the Mon Language and Burmese Language. Mawlamyine is the fourth largest city in Myanmar. The population was over 2 million according to 2014 Census (Ref: Wikipedia).

 Wae-Ka-Wah Mon village is hidden in the middle of the rubber forest and mountains where during the World War II Japanese troops used to hide in the caves from the allied forces’ bombing. Only 10 minutes driving distance from Thanbuzayat.

Morning after your breakfast heading to Thanbyuzayat and afterward we’ll get to a very quiet Wae-Ka-Wah Mon village which is hidden in the rubber forest. Enjoy welcome drinks and prepare yourself for the active day trekking for 4-5 hours. Mon local guide who used to travel in this forest for Durians, Jackfruits and other seasonal foods searching in the past, he will be guiding us on this trekking tour. Enjoy your day and have funs! A beautiful day with very authentic and untouched trekking trials await for us.  Guide will lead us from easy walking tour behind Wae-Ka-Wah village, stop at sea-salt field where we can learn how they produce natural sea-salt since long time ago, then follow by hiking through mountains, valleys and the Japanese’s hiding caves from WWII.  Our trekking tour will end up at a monastery where we’ll have a temple lunch.

What else we’ll see along the trekking trails??

Along the way trekking guide will uncover Japanese battle fields and tunnels from WWII period. The caves where Japanese soldiers were hiding from the bombing by Allied Forces. As well as learn how Japanese got drinking water during the War, how intelligent they were as they made caves near receiving mineral water at all time, even until today we still can get this water. Truly inspired by this brilliant idea in the War by Japanese!

After lunch, some older residences from the village will share us WWII background information as much as they learned from the older generation from the village, the construction of the notorious Death Railway, the stupa and lions built by Japanese and how it was so helpful for their navigation system, Japanese Prisoner War Camp, and about the caves and well for their survival in the War. Very interesting indeed and you’ll be hearing the background story of the mountains where Mon Kings used to come here for rooster hunting.

Continue the tour to visit to the little stupa near the hill and check the two lions facing to the moutains for the Japanese to hide. Easy to follow this navigation system and they can get to the mountains for hide. Unfortunately, the lions did not have eyes nowadays. (It’s said the War Veterans who came here for the memorial visit took away the rubies hid in the lions’ eyes). Continue visit The Death Railway museum before heading to 21 Paradise Natural Hot Spring.

Around 4:00 pm, heading to 21 Paradise Resort for sundowner and enjoy pool with drinks and snacks.

Overnight at Mon Village, Bed and Breakfast


Day 8: Pa Nga village walking tour, WAGARU Mon City & Setse Beach, Full day (B, L, D)

Breakfast is locally.

Morning Wae-Ka-Wah village walk and photography tour to the ways of life of the villagers. Almost every house in the village has rubber making machine, we can learn how they mix rubber and make solid rubber sheets at home. Continue walk to Pa Nga village and visit to the morning market. Breakfast is taken at one local tea shop. We can visit fish paste cottages where in the past, majority of quality fish paste and sauce came from Pa Nga Village and distributed throughout Myanmar. A train station is there and a short trip to Thanbyuzayat is okay to take. We’ll also visit natural salt fields where workers are busy with the production of natural salts, Thanbyuzayat train station, Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, rubber factory, 100 teak pillars monastery and over 2000 years old ancient WAGARU Mon city and the old palace complex.


Thanbyuzayat is a town in the Mon State of south-eastern Myanmar. It is the administrative center for Thanbyuzayat Township, location is about 40 miles south of Mawlamyine (Moulmein). During World War II Thanbyuzayat was the western terminus of the Thailand–Burma Railway linking up with the pre-war coastal railway between Ye and Yangon. Thanbyuzayat was also the site of a Japanese Prisoner of war camp for the prisoners who worked on building the railway and over 3,000 Allied servicemen are buried there in the Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery.

Historical Information:

The notorious Burma-Thailand Railway, built by Commonwealth, Dutch and American prisoners of war, was a Japanese project driven by the need for improved communications to support the large Japanese army in Burma. During its construction, approximately 13,000 prisoners of war died and were buried along the railway. An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 civilians also died while the project, chiefly forced labour brought from Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, or conscripted in Siam (Thailand) and Burma (Myanmar). Work began in October 1942 with the Japanese aiming at completing the railway in 14 months. The line, 424 kilometres long, was completed by December 1943. The graves of those who died during the construction and maintenance of the Burma-Thailand Railway (except for the Americans, whose remains were repatriated) were transferred from camp burial grounds and isolated sites along the railway into three cemeteries:

  • Chungkai, Thailand,
  • Kanchanaburi, Thailand and
  • Thanbyuzayat in Myanmar.

There are now 3,149 Commonwealth and 621 Dutch burials of the Second World War in the cemetery.

(Ref: Wikipedia)

After lunch we’ll go to Setse Beach and relax there.

Setse Beach:

This is not very popular beach like Ngapali or Nge Saung but as the grime of travel washes away, you probably won’t care. The beach is lined with waving casuarina trees and has been a popular spot for outings since colonial times. Locals stop by for a swim, almost no foreigners visit this area and facilities are minimal but since we’re very close from this beach, at least we can feel sand, sea and sun. Fresh coconut drinks will be served.

Dinner with fresh catch seafoods will be served.

Overnight at 21 Paradise Hotel (Setse Beach), Sea View


Day 9: Visiting World Biggest Sitting Buddha & Reclining Buddha – driving back to Yangon (B, L)

180 feet tall Sitting Buddha in Mudon built by Win Sein Tawya Sayardaw Payargyi

600 feet in length and 120 feet in height

Breakfast is at the hotel.

After breakfast, we’ll be heading back to Yangon, en route visit Mudon where to see 180 feet tall World Biggest Sitting Buddha Image. We’ll then continue to visit Win Sein Taw Ya monastery with world biggest reclining Buddha Image. The huge Buddha Images are the donations by the Win Sein Tawya Sayardaw, and even he passed away, his body is still kept in the monastery complex for the audiences to see, which has not decomposed even after 3 years passed away. We can also visit Pha Auk monastery if interested to know about meditation. Lunch is served at local restaurant. After lunch, we’ll be driving all the way back to Yangon (about 5-6 hours) leaving the beautiful Wae-Ka-Wah Mon village, the Mon State and very friendly and hospitable Mon people.

Overnight at Sule Shangri-La Hotel, Superior


Day 10: Yangon – Mandalay (B, L)

DSC 0902

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Mandalay (K7-244 0700-0825), on arrival start enchanting Mandalay full day tour.

 Enchanting Mandalay, full day tour

orning starting the tour from Mahamuni Buddha Image, the most revered Buddha statue in entire Myanmar. The whole image, except, the face is covered with thick layers of gold foils; a token of the devotees’ intense faith to Buddha. Continue to Golden Palace Monastery, a delicately carved wooden building where we will see the excellent wood arts. Kuthodaw Pagoda is very close to Mandalay Hill and consisting of 729 marble slabs engraved with Buddhist scriptures. A visit to 230 meters high Mandalay Hill will let you find a scenic view of the city, the plains surrounding it, the Shan Mountain, as well as the Ayeyarwaddy River, especially great at sunset. Visit one of the tapestry workshops or gold leaf making cottage if interested. Lunch is served at local restaurant with special foods from Mandalay. Afternoon, visit Amarapura, a royal capital founded before Mandalay. Firstly, we take you to Mahagandayon, one of the most prominent monasteries where nearly a thousand monks live and study. It’s a chance to observe unique Myanmar monkshood. A brief stop is possible at traditional silk & cotton weaving. Afterwards, proceed to U Bein Bridge originally built in 1851. Take a leisurely walk over the bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of Taungthaman Lake and enjoy the most beautiful sunset once in a lifetime!

Overnight at Mandalay Hill Resort, Deluxe


Day 11: Mandalay (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Ancient Kings’ cities near Mandalay visit (Mingun, Sagaun and Ava) by river cruise

Mandalay is nice to visit a few days because of these three historic cities and this tour shouldn’t miss. A very relaxing boat trip today takes you to Mingun, a historical village during the King Bodawphaya period (1790). A walk through the village in Mingun is very relaxing and pleasant after the boat ride. See Sinbyume Pagoda, Mingun bell and the cracked Mingun temple.  Around lunch time back to the boat and down-stream toward Sagaing. On the downstream over the river and enjoy the stunning view of Sagaing Hills studded with white and gold washed pagodas. It’s awesome and breathtaking beauty. Visit to a monastery and see ways of life of the monks and nuns; what are they doing and how they study and eat and why there are here, you can ask many questions. Afterward, we will continue cruise to Ava; the ancient King City. A horse cart ride will take you two most beautiful buildings in Ava through the ancient temples ruined. Perfect full day visit today and you’ll be seeing most beautiful parts around Mandalay. Lunch is included.

Overnight at Mandalay Hill Resort, Deluxe


Day 12: Mandalay (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Magnificent Mandalay Mornings, half day 0730-1130 am

A great ride through the countryside surrounding Mandalay. The tour starts and finishes at our shop on the eastern side of town and rides on mostly flat trails to local neighbourhoods and rice paddies. Along the way we learn a lot about the lifestyles of Mandalay residents and see a 'quieter' side of the city. 

Countryside Riding

After only a short pedal we find ourselves in the true countryside where farmers tend to their fields and villagers go about the daily rituals that have remained unchanged for decades, if not longer. Water buffalo lazily roll in the mud, goats nibble at the foliage, and friendly locals wave from all directions.

Village Life

We make some interesting stops, first at a fresh market to learn about the different produce on sale and then continue on to see bamboo weaving which is used to construct everything from roofs and walls to fans. As we make our way to the countryside, we pedal through neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city being greeted by friendly kids on their way to school. We take a walk through a typical central Myanmar village and learn about their way of life and their different crops. On our way back to town we stop at a tea shop for some delicious snacks and tea. We return to our shop at around 11:30/noon (22 km distance, difficulty: Mild-Moderate).

NOTE: you should wear clothing suitable for this activity: quarter length pants, shorts, t-shirts are all advisable, as are comfortable closed shoes. Sunscreen is also a must.  

PM is free and easy at the hotel.

Overnight at Mandalay Hill Resort, Deluxe


Day 13: Mandalay – Bagan (B)


Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Bagan (K7-244 0840-0915), on arrival transfer to the hotel.

Visit Bagan by E-bike

This is a fabulous introduction to Bagan, its people and its history. You will feel so freedom and easy e-biking tour through small trails amid the temples. Your expert biking guide will be avoiding the main road as much as possible. Stop at several lesser known, and often un-named, monuments as well as some major ones including Shwesandaw, Htilominlo, Old Palace sites, Bu Phaya and Ayerywaddy river front. The stunning landscape of ancient temple ruins spread around in Bagan area and one can go inside any of the temples where you’re interested to see. Also being in touch with locals at some cottages where we can learn ways of life the people. This is truly a great tour for soft adventurers, photographers and anyone interested in active outdoor activities. Seeing Bagan in different ways and several stops among the temple and take photos. Day time we can rest at the hotel to avoid heat if wanted. Continue visit in the afternoon at a busy market to watch where locals busy with their daily trades. During this full day tour your guide will show you some of the most spectacular sceneries of ancient temples and you can stop any time, any minute to make some beautiful pictures.

Overnight at Bagan Lodge, Villa


Day 14: Bagan (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Amazing Bagan, Full day

What an amazing site! Over 2000 Pagodas, or temples, are stretching out across the plain, as far as the eye could see. No holiday to Myanmar would be complete without a visit to Bagan. This full day tour will be taking you through Bagan’s areas to visit the best-known temples with remarkable architectural designs there. Visit to Ananda, an architectural masterpiece of the early - style temple with four impressive standing Buddha images, Dhammayangyi which is famous for very strong foundation, Ananda Okkyaung, one of the few surviving brick monasteries from the early Bagan period and Thatbyinnyu the highest temple in Bagan rising to 81 meters. A brief stop is made for photo at Tharabar Gate, visit to the colorful Nayung Oo Market and lunch is at local restaurant. We’ll stop at Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi, a cave temple with exquisite jatakas murals paintings and the elegant Htilominlo temple noted for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone decorations. End the day at one of the temples with soft drinks and enjoy sunset in Bagan.

Overnight at Bagan Lodge, Villa


Day 15: Bagan (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Community villages by car and boat

After exploring Bagan’s famous ancient temples, experience a side of Bagan most tourists never see with the Bagan rural village life full day tour. Your guide will connect with the locals and discover a real sense of community spirit as you witness what everyday life is like in these traditional villages of Bagan dry zone areas. By a private car, driving from Bagan city into the countryside. Follow the road winding through scenic farmlands where locals tend to peanut, sesame and soya bean crops, and stop at villages unknown to tourists along the way. Observe how typical Burmese wooden slippers, which are used for showering or working in the fields, are produced, along with the region’s well-known soya paste, pong yay gyi, which is an essential side dish for typical Burmese meals. Continue to another village and see families making traditional clay cooking pots, then onto the next village famous for observing a traditional child’s hairstyle known as yaung pay soo which is now rare to find in the rest of the country. Here village children still wear their hair in the traditional topknot and circular fringe, the same as children centuries ago, up until they reach their teens. Enjoy walking through the village taking time to chat with the head master of the school and enjoy a picnic lunch at the monastery. On the way back, visit an intriguing cave temple then take a private boat to Bagan along the Ayeyarwaddy River as you marvel about the different ways people live their lives around the world.

Bagan sunset tour over Ayerwaddy River, afternoon

A wonderful experience and unique view of Bagan is from the Ayeyarwaddy River. This evening river sightseeing trip offers an opportunity to spectacular views of Bagan temples and beautiful sunset over the sandbanks of the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River. It starts from Ayeyar jetty and feel the great time on the boat or we’ll sit down in the middle of the river on the sandbanks when the water level is lower. This private sunset boat tour on the river will offer you a fantastic sunset experience and a very relaxing moment. Your guide will be serving drinks and snacks at the same time, enjoy and feel the best moment of your visit!!!

Overnight at Bagan Lodge, Villa


Day 16: Bagan – Heho – Kalaw (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Heho K7-244 07:00-08:25, upon arrival start car and guide will be available for the visit in Kalaw.

KALAW founded as hill station by British civil servants fleeing the heat of the plains and Kalaw still feels like a high-altitude holiday resort. The air is cool, the weather is quite pleasant and the atmosphere is calm. Pine trees are everywhere and the surrounding hills offer some of the best trekking experience in Myanmar and we can also visit to tribal villages nearby Kalaw. The town market, Shwe Oo Min Paya, Hnee Pagoda or Bamboo Thread Buddha Image and Myin Ma Hti Cave are highlights of truly worth for the visit.

Trekking is very popular and truly great experiences to be in touch with locals, countryside, the stunning views of mountains and the fields. Passing through tribal villages and staying at local house / monastery is good experiences during your holidays in Myanmar.

A day trek to Pa Laung ethnic villages, 2 or 3 days trekking to Inle Lake staying at local village and a couple of days staying on the lake at stilt houses can be definitely memorable journey to our amazing country and a complete  visit to Shan State.


Overnight at Kalaw Heritage Hotel, Deluxe with Mountain View


Day 17: Kalaw (B, L)

Breakfast at Hotel

Trekking to Elephant conservation camp, helping to feed and wash the elephants, planting a tree and having lunch in the middle of the jungle – Full day

Green Season Travel is operating tourism in sustainable ways, and this is one of our best samples trip to Kalaw Elephant conservation camp. We’re helping and participating in protecting our local environment, ensuring the well-being our elephants and educating local residents are all key components of our project. Visitors are of course welcome to join us in our daily care programs for elephants. On the other hand, reforestation is suitable to do at the same time when you up to the camp. Each visitor is invited to plant one regional tree from the nursery. The idea is to educate the local community about the importance of reforestation and risks posed by haphazard deforestation.

Detailed program: (1-2 hours Total walking time)

In the morning transfer to Wet Pyu Ye junction, where our trek guide is waiting to walk to the camp and you’ll have an opportunity to help in re-plantation project. You’ll see the elephants coming through the river. (Clients can bath the elephants and feed the elephants with their Mahouts) if they wish! Riding is not our main focus. We will let you be in touch with our elephants as Mahouts during the washing time.  This is a beautiful program and suitable for the children, you can even swim there as the water from the steam is clean and cool. There is also ac chance to see butterflies, birds and orchids along the trek. Arrival elephant village, guide will explain you about ways of life of the Mahouts’ family at the camp, about the elephants’ stories and etc. Lunch will be served at the main camp. Return to main road by feet. End of the day back to Kalaw. (Note: car and driver is available for the rest of the day if wanted in Kalaw)


Recommend bringing insect repellents. However, Anti-malaria precautions have been taken around our camp area. Clients are recommended to wear long pants, long sleeved cotton shirts and good walking shoes. Sunscreen is also suggested. All safety precautions with the elephants have been taken. However, we do request you to follow the instruction of our respective escorts who accompany during our visit.

Overnight at Kalaw Heritage Hotel, Villa


Day 18: Kalaw – Shwe Nyaung by train – car to Nyaung Shwe (B)

 Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to train station in Kalaw and we’ll take a bumpy train ride through colorful carper of Shan land to Shwe Nyaung. Along the ride, enjoy scenic ride and car transfer to Nyaung Shwe, the gate way to Inle Lake.

Afternoon, visit to Red Mountain Resort and we’ll do wine tasting at the vineyard, and enjoy the sunset over looking the lake. End of the day transfer to the hotel.

Overnight at Santctum Inle Resort, Cloister Deluxe


Day 19: Kalaw – Inle Lake (B, L)

Inle fish and leg AK

A beautiful day on the Lake, Full day

Inle Lake is well known for its unique leg rowers and scenic beauty with wonderful floating gardens, tomato and flowers plantations, many cottages and the stunning views of the water lies between the steamy mountains ranges. Your exploration of a day on the lake will include local five days market held by around the Inle Lake, find different tribes from the mountains and the lake, fisher men, leg-rowers and colorful vegetables at the market.  During the visit have local tea and have conversations with host family and taste local snacks. Continue to visit famous pagoda Paung Daw Oo, Burmese Cats breathing areas, teak boat factory or Cigar making from local women in and out around fishermen villages and Lotus Weaving where you can see only in Inle Lake.Traditional Inthar’s foods for lunch will be served.

Overnight at Santctum Inle Resort, Cloister Deluxe


Day 20: Inle lake (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

5 days rotation market and Indein temples ruins, full day 

We’ll start the tour by visiting one of the 5 DAYS ROTATION MARKET (only on market day). Continue to south coast of Inle Lake to see people are more origin, and their typical style stilt-house villages and the beautiful nature. Afterward, a fantastic boat trip to Indein Village which is located west of Ywarma. After walking up a covered stairway climbs the hill, we’ll see crumbling stupas of Shwe Inn Thein Paya, a complex of nearly 1054 weather-beaten zedi, most constructed in 17th& 18th centuries. There are great views across the lake and valley from the pagoda, enjoy the scenic view! Indein is one of the biggest and liveliest market area when there is five-day market held. We can stay here a few hours and be exploring the various ruins, and see beautiful bamboo forest and small dam and also visit to a local family house where bamboo sheet hat making workshop. Boat and guide is available the rest of the day. End of the day back to your hotel.

Overnight at Santctum Inle Resort, Cloister Deluxe


Day 21: Inle Lake (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

East and west parts of Inle Lake, full day actions packed tour

Biking is quite suitable as the area is flat and easy to do biking, and you can see the beauty of Inle Lake in different ways, not just by the boat. Eastern part of the lake is definitely an active and exciting trip. We start visiting by bike from Shwe Yan Pyae monastery with oval windows, glass mosaic and learn there about monastic education as you will see young monks are studying there. On the way to village to east bank, we can stop and visit at Shan Museum, old palace of Shan Prince (the first president of Myanmar-1948). After 2-3 hours easy biking, tour will end at Aureum Palace Hotel jetty. Drinks will be served at there. Continue by boat to west bank of the lake, a relaxing trip by a private boat to Khaung Daing and visit Intha’s villages at the west bank of Inle Lake. See how they produce Tohu, soy-bean and birds’ foods make from the flour. Continue walk through Bamboo forest and en route see the ways of life of Intha busy with the boat, planting and with their household things. A local transport will take you finally to visit temples ruined in Indein village. At the end we’ll return back to hotel. Lunch will be served at one local restaurant in the lake.

Overnight at Santctum Inle Resort, Cloister Deluxe


Day 22: Inle – Loikaw (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning we’ll travel to Kayah State by a private car, the land of Kareni or Padaung (Longeck ladies).

Loikaw and the highlights to uncover, full day

Morning starts the tour from Kayah Saw Bwar Palace 1891-1930 (nowadays standing as monastery), and we’ll look around to the old photographs of the Saw Bwars (Karen Royal families) and their relatives. Stop at Dor Sor Bee, just east of Loikaw, is home to several Kayah animist shrines. The towering logs, whitewashed and topped with decorations meant to symbolise the sun and moon, are gathering points during the Kayah New Year in April. Lunch is served at Shwe Let Yar. After lunch heading back to Loikaw and visit Christ the King Cathedral. Kayah State has long been the stomping ground of Roman Catholic missionaries and is home to many churches. Christ the King was built in 1939 – making it Kayah's oldest-surviving church. Our day ends at Taung Kwe Zedi locating on Mingalar Thiri Mountain. It’s the most venerated pagoda in the region. Virtually rocketing from the landscape is this explosion of craggy limestone and white and gold stupas. Even if you're templed out, the wacky Buddhist Disneyland vibe is fun, and the views of the town and countryside really are breathtaking. Enjoy sunset and panoramic view of Loikaw city. End of the day back to your hotel.

Overnight at Kayah Resort, Deluxe Front View


Day 23: Loikaw (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Pan Pet tribal village and visit Legendary 7 Stages Lake, full day

We’ll drive to Pan Pet Village. On the way stop at Ngwe Taung Dam and enjoy the scenic view of Kyayah state, green fields and mountains. Padaung (Longnecks ladies) are busy with their daily life in the fields and at the small huts making some weaving and selling things. We’ll visit to the main village at the foot of the hills. Can see village life and Longneck ladies are busy with farming, ploughing in the fields or construction of the well and other plantations.

Home cooked lunch at community village (CBT project in Kayah State)

Tani Lar Lae Village is located near legendary 7 lakes where we’ll serve home cooked foods at the village. It’s a part of community project and the host family has been well trained by famous chef from Inle Princess Resort to serve hygienic foods to guests. Ma Htwe Mya; village headman’s daughter, is leading the cooking team to prepare a very delicious home cooked lunch for the guests. After lunch, walking around the village and visit to legendary 7 stages lake in the area. In Myanmar legend, the prince named Thudanu went for hunting and finally got here and met seven angel sisters. He chose the youngest sister out of seven for his partner. Full story of the legend, we’ll pass it to our Kayah local guide. J. The atmosphere at 7 stages lake is tranquil and we can enjoy beautiful landscape and pleasant weather and nature here.

Heading back to Loikaw city and visit Htee Pwint Lake (the soil in the lake naturally blossom as umbrella shape) on the way. It’s very famous attraction site among locals. In the afternoon, food tasting at Mingala Hin Htoke (9am – 6pm open daily). Locals’ favorite shop in the town to have light foods, an Intha dish of steamed banana-leaf packets of rice with pork or chicken. Shan noodles, Kayah’s pork sausage and addictive deep-fried meatballs are delicious to taste. In the evening, we may stop at Naung Yar Kan Thar for a moment to stroll or transfer back to hotel.

Overnight at Loikaw Resort, Deluxe


Day 24: Loikaw – Yangon (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Yangon K7-447 08:30-09:30, upon arrival start car and guide will be available for the visit in Wingabaw elephant camp.

Fabulous day escape from busy Yangon – visit Elephant camp, picnic lunch and bush walking - Full day tour

This is a new destination just outside of Yangon, located 1, 5 hours car driving distance. It’s open recently and a popular recreation spot among local and foreigner visitors. Okay to go there as a day return trip. Nice to plan it on a public holiday in Myanmar or during the weekend off. The atmosphere is so quiet, seeing landscapes along the way and we can see green paddy fields as well. One can enjoy real countryside of Myanmar. Very good to take away your close friends and family members from the hustle and bustle Yangon city for a day. Have a picnic style lunch, drinks and snacks, bush walking tour, feed and wash to the elephants. 

A beautiful day escaping from Yangon by your private car is awaiting for your exploration and relaxation! Winka Baw Elephant is a really cool recreattion place and such a pleasant ride by in the morning. Less traffic as we’re leaving Yangon around 6:00 AM in the morning. On the way enjoy beautiful countryside, scenic ride, and full local breakfast just outskirt of Yangon. Arrival to the camp, welcome by very friendly community here and get you some drinks. 07:30-08:20 is swimming and washing time for the elephants! You can change dress if you want and join the camp activities  like swimming, elehpants’ performance and feeding.The water is pleaasnt and we can enjoy swimming at the same time washing to the elephants. A two hours bush walking tour is led by the local guide and you’ll be walking around the fields where elephants are going for their foods, taking photographs, sometime can do butterfly wathcing and enjoy your soft adenture day out from Yangon. Picnic lunch is prepared with traditional Burmese foods. On the way back we’ll stop at Han Thar Garden Resort and enjoy the hotel landscape, the interior decoration made of locally products and concepts of the buidling styles. We’ll serve a cocktail at the hotel bar. Afterward, drive all the way back to Yangon and drop you off at the hotel.

Overnight at Sule Shangri-La Hotel, Superior


Day 25: Yangon – Ngapali Beach (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Ngapali Beach K7-402 1245-1335, upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Relax on the beach.

Overnight at Sandoway Resort, Deluxe


Day 26: Ngapali Beach (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Relax at Ngapali Beach.

Overnight at Sandoway Resort, Deluxe


Day 27: Ngapali Beach (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Relax at Ngapali Beach.

Overnight at Sandoway Resort, Deluxe


Day 28: Ngapali Beach (B, L)

Breakfast at the hotel.

St Andrew’s Bay: snorkelling, village life and home cooked food by your host family – full day

About an hour south of Ngapali by local fisherman boat a traditional village called Maung Shwe Lay is welcoming you for a relaxing & fun day in the beautiful St Andrew’s Bay. We pick you up from your hotel by boat and have a leisurely ride across the sea to arrive in a perfectly shaped, quiet bay. We stop the boat to go snorkelling in the bay in front of the village to see plenty of coral and colourful fish (you’re advised to wear swim wear and bring a beach towel from your hotel) and then continue to the village. Maung Shwe Lay is a local fishing community where life stood still; we walk around the village and show you the local market, village school and library. We continue on foot or by oxcart through the village back to the beach, enjoying real rural life in this part of Myanmar. A home cooked lunch with seafood is prepared by your host family in a local house on the beach, a moment to get to know the people. Around 3 pm in the afternoon we bring you back to your hotel in Ngapali.

Overnight at Sandoway Resort, Deluxe


Day 29: Ngapali Beach – Yangon (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Morning transfer to airport and fly to Yangon K7-245 1140-1230, upon arrival start car and guide.

Overnight at Chatrium Hotel, Deluxe


Day 30: Yangon – Departure

Breakfast at the hotel.

AM / PM transfer out to the airport for international departure.

*****SERVICES END*****


Price per person sharing a twin / double room based on:

Once in a life time journey in Myanmar

2 pax

3-4 pax

30 days luxury package tour



Single room supplement is 2900 USD



- All transfers and transport as per the program with a private A/C car

- All meals as mentioned (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=Dinner)

- All accommodation including breakfast, taxes and service charges

- Service English speaking stationed guides

- Domestic flight tickets including airport taxes

- All entrance fees in the whole program

- Water & cold towel

- Boat rental


- Insurance

- Personal expenses

- All drinks

- Visa fees and/or visa authorization

- Tips

- Other expenses that not mentioned on the itinerary

- Any compulsory surcharges such as Christmas Eve and New Year Eve Dinner