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Shwedagon Pagoda and people behind the stage

Shwedagon Pagoda and people behind the stage, half day tour Tour will start with an easy walk and we’ll be tasting Burmese traditional breakfast. Just for the experience if you are full from hotel breakfast! Afterward, an intriguing half day tour is starting and being in touch with local pilgrims, monks, craftsmanship and people’ daily activities at behind the stage of the great Shwedagon Pagoda. During this tour, we take you through the hectic open-air markets, and show you the full history of the pagoda, a couple of impressive monasteries, Bronze seated Buddha Image, and explanation of the Jataka tales (Buddha lifetime stories). At a small planetary post where guide will explain how Buddhists’ pilgrims act at their birthday corner. You’ll learn more insights of Buddhist religion and how the spiritual belief is mixed with the belief in Nats. This is a perfect introduction to Myanmar and very useful to know every detail of Myanmar culture, people life and their beliefs for the rest of your journey.