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Day 1: Yangon – Hpa‐An (B, L)

Early morning around 6:00 AM, a private car and English speaking driver will pick up from your place in Yangon and drive all the way to Hpa‐An. Breakfast is on the way. It will take about 5 hours if we go straight. Along the way enjoy scenic ride, passing through several towns and villages and real countryside of Myanmar. Anything on the way attract your interest we can stop for a while and take a look.
Hpa – An is the capital of Kayin State and the principal crops cultivated are paddy, peanut, sesames, tobacco, betel nut, sugarcane, and rubber. Its natural resources include iron, lead, copper, tin and tungsten. Pinkado and a variety of other woods are valuable produce of the area. The picturesque capital is set amid broad lakes, lush islands, soaring limestone crags, and mountain ranges receding in to the distance.
Kawgun Cave is located at the entrance of Hpa‐An, we’ll visit there to appreciate the 7th century artwork of the Kawgun cave consists of thousands of tiny clay Kayin foods: We’ll serve Kayin style foods for lunch. Fish, Kayin Talabaw Soup, papaya salad and some other items. We’ll make sure you’ll have enough foods
Kontapon village Visit: With a tiny Kayin tribe living in the middle of thick jungle is interesting to visit when you’re here. Hardly visited by tourists. The whole village is vegetarian and growing vegetables for foods, making some clothes in their own styles. Their main income is coming from bamboo and timbers that they cut down and sell to the other villages. We can also learn their beliefs,
Swimming at Kaw Ka Thawng Cave: Kaw Ka Thawng Cave – More popular among locals than travelers, this area actually consists of three caves. Only two of which are generally opened to the public. About 7th miles away from Hpa An along the road to Eindu and one of the scenic spots to feel, the paddy fields and misty lime stone hills standing nearby. The water is coming out from the cave and it’s crystal clear and cool. It’s flowing and very clean, great spot for swimming there. Drinks and snacks will be serve there.
Overnight at Hotel Gabbana, Deluxe (Can check upgrade for Hpa‐An Lodge, Kayin Cottage if interested)

Day 2: Biking around Hpa‐An full day – include Biggest Saddan Cave (B, L)

Enjoy your breakfast. We can discover today the untouched surrounding area of Hpa‐An, and feel unforgettable memories with Kayin people. Start your adventure to the biggest Saddan cave. It’s about 17 miles from Hpa‐An on the way to Eindu. This huge cave is simply breathtaking and one of the best highlights to visit while you’re in Hpa‐An. We can see beautiful Buddha statues and images inside the cave. At the exit of the cave, can take a pleasant boat ride in small lake which lead back to the front of the cave. Car pick up at Saddan Cave and continue ride around Kyauk Ka Latt Pagoda located 5 km south of Hpa‐An, and Zwekabin Mountain; the landmark of Hpa‐An and visit Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda and enjoy the sunset there. Hpa‐An is truly a perfect place to explore by bikes and quite suitable for those interested in soft adventures, stunning landscapes and interested to see real countryside of Myanmar. Your experienced biking guide will give you a routing and safety briefing at the beginning. Distance is around 17‐20 miles. Road: 50 % paved on motorway roads, 50% village countryside road unpaved. NOTE: Wears are light t‐shirts, short or quarter pants. Shoulders, upper arms and above knees must be covered when entering the pagodas. Only 5 bikes available at the moment. Car transfer back to hotel end of the day. Hotel Gabbana, Deluxe

Day 3: Visit Bayin Nyi Cave – back to Yangon, on the way can visit Bago (B, L)

Enjoy your breakfast. We’ll be leaving this quiet town and driving all the way back to Yangon. After half an hour, we will get to Bayin Nyi Cave, and you may enjoy spring water at the base of the hill or walk up and explore the cave again. Lunch is having on the way (Paradise Restaurant is clean and available great foods). Those who have not been to Bago, can visit today to Shwemawdaw Pagoda, 15th century Kanbawzathardi Palace and The Shwethalyaung Buddha in Bago. End of the day back to Yangon.