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earlymorning tour
Early birds get more worms!! Very quiet and not too much traffic of the big city when we’re start early morning tour. See what’s happening in the streets of Yangon when most people are still sleeping. An early wake-up call is planned at 5:30 am and the guide is expecting you in the hotel lobby at 6:00 am to start with a visit to the fish market just close by Yangon River along the Strand Road. Fishermen boats are there to discharge of the fishes they caught in the night and the whole market is lively and moving fish boxes here and there. It’s exotic and you will also learn hardworking job. From there continue to visit a vegetable market running 24 hours a day and your guide will buy 2-3 types of fresh fruits to try. Great opportunity is to have photos of the monks walking through the streets of Yangon to collect their alms. Guide will explain you to wait for them to pass and donate some foods. Very tasty a bow of noodle and chicken soup for breakfast is ready at the end. Enjoy, one of the best breakfast for Yangonites.

It’s a great experience and being in touch with locals when we’re taking a circular train in Yangon. The whole circle takes 3 hours but we’ll just try a few stops till Danyin Kone Station to see the colorful market. Afterward transfer back to your hotel by a private taxi. Or if you’d still like to explore Yangon, we’ll take you to the meeting point for the next activity.